About Us

About Us

Simple Media are committed to producing work that communicates a unique identity and visual presence through clean and effective design.

Our services offer solutions for all your branding needs. We pride ourselves on being a quality one-stop shop for your business, offering complete branding & logo design, website design and development, copywriting, social media strategy and content creation.

If you’re a start-up or just after a fresh new look, we are here to help every step of the way.

From the humble beginnings of bedroom offices to where we are today, a couple things have stuck at Simple Media; we love local businesses and we love what we do.

Since 2014, we’ve aimed to grow Simple Media into a design agency that cares about the community and contributes to the growth of businesses in Greater Western Sydney. We’re pretty damn proud to be home grown and have the opportunity to work with passionate businesses every day.

Like any start up, we have relied on our varied skill sets to bring quality results to our clients. From branding and graphic design solutions to web design and development, we offer the full package to both new and established businesses to ensure their brand is represented consistently across all mediums.

Whilst we’d love to be working from our bedrooms still, we’ve grown up a little and added to our team so that we can offer copywriting, organic social media management and brand personality services in house. Meaning; not only are we able to make your business look good, we’ll help you speak to your customers in a way that represents you.

At the end of the day we may be an agency by name, but we promise to be personal and by your side every step of the way. No person or business is just another client here at Simple Media – we help realise your vision and bring it to life.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s grab a drink, it’s almost Friday.

You worry about what you're doing and WE'LL WORRY ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE DOING.​




Pat, our Creative Director, is the Cam Smith of branding at Simple Media. If your brand’s in the rough, he’s the one who’ll swing it back onto the fairway with a masterstroke. Just like lining up a crucial putt, he shapes and refines brands until they’re acing every hole.

Whether he’s on the course or crafting concepts, Pat’s fanatic about the game. His passion for sports is legendary, even if his support seems to jinx every team he backs.

He’s also the proud dad to a duo of little legends, honing his fatherly skills with the same dedication he applies to every brand strategy. With Pat in charge, your brand’s evolution is in champion hands.

So, with the vision of a seasoned coach and the ‘Midas touch’ that somehow turns to dust when he’s spectating, Pat’s the creative genius who’ll shepherd your brand to the winner’s podium. He’s the wizard behind the curtain, ensuring your business identity isn’t just seen but celebrated.




Phil, our Web Director, is the digital dynamo at Simple Media. He’s the chap who’ll not only escort your brand into the online world but will do it with such finesse that you’ll never want to go offline again.

With a knack for transforming the web’s complex maze into a walk in the park, Rusty ensures your journey through the digital landscape is a breeze. No more keyboard rage; he’s the translator of tech, turning HTML and SEO from alphabet soup into plain English.

When the screens dim, Rusty’s off-the-grid, probably trekking with his loyal Kelpie by his side or chasing waterfalls, quite literally. It’s his way of recharging, finding inspiration, and returning ready to tackle the web’s wilds.

Rusty’s the man with a plan when it comes to digital strategy. He’s making sure that your online presence isn’t just a drop in the ocean but the wave that everyone rides. Just don’t try ringing him when he’s out communing with nature – he’s likely out of range, on purpose.



Bradley is the captain of coordination and our star project manager at Simple Media. He’s the strategic playmaker who turns our chaotic scribbles into a premier league playbook.

As our neighbourhood Toastmaster, he’s got more than a silver tongue; he’s got a golden whistle that calls the shots and keeps the projects dribbling smoothly down the field. Without Bradley’s tactical plays, we’d still be a band of freelancers, lost without a formation.

He has a laser focus on every detail, ensuring each project is a goal-worthy strike. Bradley will champion your cause, guiding your project through every pass and play, and he’s always ready to cheer a victory—our go-to guy for that winning goal celebration.



Matt is our resident accounting wizard and another founder of Simple Media.

While the rest of us are busy finger-painting or whatever it is people think we do all day, Matt is crunching the numbers for us and making sure that we’re actually staying afloat in this wild world of business.

When he’s not deciphering the world through a mathematical and risk assessment lens, Wato takes the pressure off by working on his expressive art and warrior talents of Devil Stick juggling, fire twirling and contemporary dance.

Fortunately for the moment he only uses these fine skills for fun and entertainment, as long as all involved are paying their bills.


graphic design

Annabelle is the visual virtuoso of Simple Media, painting pixels into perfection. As our very own graphic designer, she adds a splash of colour to everything she touches, from brochures to brands.

By day, she’s dishing up visual symphonies and by night, a culinary maestro, thanks to her mum’s home economics wizardry. Her dishes are as well-balanced as her designs, with a pinch of creativity in every bite.

She’s also our in-house adrenaline junkie, revving up for the Melbourne F1 each year. Annabelle’s need for speed translates into fast, efficient design that’ll put your brand in the pole position.

Don’t let her laid-back nature fool you; she’s as strategic as a game of chess in The Sims. She builds digital homes with the same precision she designs your graphics – though thankfully, with fewer unexpected swimming pool ‘accidents’.

Annabelle is the one to turbo-charge your visual identity, steering it to victory and ensuring that on the track of design, you’re always ahead of the pack.


Web Design & Dev

Ally is our best kept secret of the crew and our dedicated behind the scenes engine room for our website development.

Give her a project or task, and she’ll get it done. If she can’t make it happen on the spot, she sure as hell will figure it out or die trying.

While the rest of us scramble to catch our morning alarms, Ally is neither a morning person nor a night owl. But don’t let the snooze button fool you; when she’s up, she’s unstoppable, bringing your online dreams to life.
Born and bred in the Blueys and now living on a farm, Ally’s daily life contrasts the digital world she designs. Her lifestyle is the canvas for her creativity, where nature meets modernity. You’ll see it reflected in her websites – a blend of the familiar and the innovative.

Just as Ally’s favourite Blue Mountains bushwalks lead to unexpected vistas, her designs take our clients on journeys they won’t forget. When you work with Ally, you’re not just getting a web designer; you’re getting a guide to the online wilderness, ready to explore new horizons.

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