Boat Wise

Web Design & Development, Graphic Design, Copywriting

After a life spent growing up around the water, Tristian has always been passionate about boating.

From learning the ropes as a young boy, Tristian’s deep ties to boating have led him to become professionally involved in the industry for almost a decade.
After purchasing his first boat over 11 years ago he couldn’t have been more excited. But there was one problem. Training services to support the active learning and education a first-time boat owner needs were non-existent.

That’s where Simple Media became involved. We provided Tristian with an anchor of support to ensure his start up business, Boat Wise would become the premier boat training provider in Sydney harbour. With professional advice at the forefront we ensured our website design and development matched the position Tristian visioned for the business.

Today we are still involved with Boat Wise in the capacity graphic design services and website management. Being the passionate operator he is we love to assist Tristian with marketing advice at a consultancy level to ensure he is ticking all the boxes in getting his ideas to market.

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