Branding, print & digital design, web design & Development, Social media management

Checho’s has fast become one of Penrith’s most popular restaurants due to its atmosphere and flavour filled dishes. We’ve been lucky enough to be involved from the very beginning thanks to Pat’s direct involvement with the business. With everything from the hand drawn logo to social media content and website development, we’ve had our fingerprints on it all. But it’s not just the design aspect, our services included consulting with architects, sign-writers and printers to ensure all aspects of the venue matched up to the brand’s vision.

Now, nearly 2 years on since its opening we are even more involved than ever. The team at Simple are not only designing on a regular basis, we consult and assist with all marketing requirements. This role means we are in control of all the content that is photographed and posted on social media and even includes curating partnerships with influencers and bloggers to highlight the great product this venue offers.

Checho’s will continue to set the bar in the Penrith area with its dining experience and it’s our job to ensure they stay relevant and keep their audience informed.

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