Red Cow Hotel

Branding Solutions, Graphic Design, Web Design & Development

The Red Cow Hotel is one of Penrith’s most recognisable and popular Pubs and a client we are proud to have on board. Our long term relationship with owners FAL Hotel’s has allowed us to be key part of bringing promotions and events to life to this iconic venue.

Prior to Covid lockdowns the Red Cow received a branding face lift which modernised the brand whist paying homage to its heritage roots. Our main goal was to ensure a consistent experience for patrons both in the pub and on their website. We remain dedicated to keeping the Red Cow’s clientele up to date in an ever changing industry that demands short turnarounds and reactionary mindset. 

Over the years we have provided the venue with a host of our services including branding solutions, graphic design, web design and support. But it’s more than just work for us, being a client for over 5 years means we really do feel apart of the FAL family.

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