Social Media Marketing – What does it entail?

Social Media Marketing

To be frank – it’s more than just occasionally posting an update on your page.

It’s easy to think of social media as something that only younger people use, or something you can disregard if most of your selling comes from a brick-and-mortar store. Neither is true – social media pages (like Facebook) are increasingly being used by older generations, and people of all ages will often begin their search for updated info on Facebook. An inactive or aging social media presence can communicate to people that your company might be out-of-touch or even out-of-business.

So, what does a good social media strategy look like?

While pay-per-click advertising requires constant tweaking and high spending, and email marketing depends on a solid mailing list of subscribers, a good social media presence is able to connect you to both devoted customers and random passersby. Its versatility is its strength.

On your socials you can promote your products, build on your brand image and provide content to followers that will personalise their experience.

However, this sort of marketing takes time. You’re doing more than simply buying conversions – you’re cultivating a digital space in which you can connect with your audience, and that requires a sustained and ongoing effort.

A good social media strategy will be regularly refined and encompasses content across one or more of the platforms below, depending on the industry and target audience;

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

Posted content should be coordinated across your social media accounts for maximum engagement. We recommend 1 – 3 posts a week, but if that frequency doesn’t work for you, then sporadic posting i.e. once or twice a fortnight, must at least be kept consistent.

Social media also offers your business a means of building a community around your brand — something that is invaluable when setting yourself apart from your competitors. Not to mention, they are all highly trafficked platforms where an authentic, engaging presence is an absolute must-have.

Social media marketing also provides benefits that other forms of digital marketing do not;

  • Facebook has an entire back-end platform that includes stats about your business’ page visits, post clicks and views, and other clear indicators of customer engagement.

  • Instagram offers the same targeted insights with a less robust back-end while still offering valuable statistics about your audiences.

It’s important to note that often businesses struggle to talk about themselves, especially on social media – bringing in a third-party expert helps you gain an external perspective on your business.

If you don’t know where to start, our social gurus at Simple Media can collaborate on an organic strategy with you that resonates with your target audience, walk you through the ins and outs of each platform and help you maximize your efforts.

Believe you have all your organics covered and need a hand with paid social ad strategies? Our good friends at Wren and Windsor would love to help you out.


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